Ette Ibibio vzw

What we do

We work at grassroots level for social, cultural, economical, technological and environmental development in rural communities.
We encourage and support the communities to develop and improve the available resources based in their own natural environment.
We support and organize skill development in rural communities for the most vulnerable, in order to encourage self-sufficiency.

Our targets are:

Underprivileged citizens
Central and local governance

Our expertise lies in adding and enhancing values through:

Consultancy on project development, implementation and management
Socio-economic engineering by means of culturally adapted large-group interventions.

We focus on three domains:


Reducing disease incidence
Improving basic sanitation
Provision of basic healthcare facilities


Increased literacy and numeracy in adults and girls
Promotion of basic education among children
Provision of basic infrastructure and education material and platforms
Provision of basic education infrastructure

Agriculture and ecology

Community subsistence gardening
Sustainable physical land resources management